The Vision of the Gaborone Diocese Youth Desk is to help youth of the diocese to become fully human and authentic witnesses of Christ in the church and the society.


To identify, coordinate and engage with Catholic youth in supporting and developing programs that will help them grow spiritually, morally, socially and intellectually.


  1. Keep regular contact and be available to youth and Young adults of ages 16-35 years.
  2. Foster total personal and spiritual growth of each young person.
  3. Draw young people to participate in life, mission, and work of the catholic faith.
  4. Empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

The youth Desk also works as the mother body of all youth groups found in the church. It works hand in hand with Youth and Chapalins of groups and associations like YACO, Alter Servers, Chiro and Youth Alive, YFC, UBCC, etc. The youth diocesan council is made up of 12 elected committee members from different youth groups including non- aligned youth in the church, this committee runs for 3 years from 2019-2021.The youth desk manages to execute its duties through the help of 3 Chaplains from 3 Deaneries which are Lobatse, Molepolole and Gaborone Deanery. Through these Chaplains we manage to reach out to all youth in the Diocese as mobilization and flow of information becomes easy.

The Youth Office has hosted activities in the Diocese that resulted in spiritual growth as well as bringing interaction and unity among the youth. Our successful events include the Gaborone Diocese Youth Rally which attracts a lot of young people gathering to come and celebrate their faith in a sporty and fulfilling event. We have also hosted Leadership Workshops to empower different Youth Leaders and to also help the youth understand how our leaders are expected to lead. Other activities include night vigils which have proved to have been very important in enhancing spiritual upliftment. We have also been engaged in fundraising activities with the aim of raising funds to help sustain ourselves and finance some of our activities.